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iPad App

You can now purchase the Chemistry Tutor iPad app from the Apple App store. The iPad app contains the same great features that the College Chemistry Tutor has:

Here are some of the features of the College Chemistry Tutor:

  • 81 different types of college General Chemistry problems.
  • Over 3100 individual problems to work.
  • 20 multiple choice tests to help you prepare for your exams.
  • 22 General Chemistry lectures in slide show format.
  • The ability to check your answers to the problems.
  • Worked solutions to each of the problems.
  • A brief discussion of the principles involved in each type of problem, and instructions as to how to solve the problems.
  • Over 400 additional worked examples showing how to solve many types of problems.
  • 20 multiple choice tests with answers.
  • 22 General Chemistry lecturs in slide format.
  • The ability to print out the problems, examples, tests, and lectures.
  • A periodic table of the chemical elements.
  • Inexpensive - only $4.99!

The Chemistry Tutor app was designed to help the first year college chemistry student learn how to solve problems. If you have trouble solving problems in your college chemistry text book, or if your book does not contain enough examples for you to follow, this app is for you.

Click on the following link from your iPad to go to the App Store to purchase this app. You can also go to the App store and search for Chemistry Tutor.

App Store link

Chemistry Tutor App Requirements

  • iPad 2, or iPad Mini, iPad Air. The 1st generation iPad will not run this app.
  • iOS 7 only. You cannot use iOS 6 or earlier.
  • iBooks (to view and print the pdf files of problems, principles, tests, and lectures).

Chemistry Tutor App Screenshots

1) You can choose from Problems, Tests, or Lectures from the main window.

Main Window

2) The problem window gives you the first problem from the topic you have chosen. After solving the problem, you can enter your answer and check it. You can then go on to the next problem until you have completed each problem in the topic.

Problem Window

3) If you don't know how to solve a problem, you can find out how to do so by going to the solution window.

Solution Window

4) You can go to the Principles window to learn important facts about the problem topic, and to learn how to solve problems of that type.

Principles Window

5) The Examples window gives you 5 additional examples of the current problem topic.

Examples Window

6) If you have iBooks installed, you can view and print a pdf file of the problems, principles, or examples.



7) The Test window allows you to take one of 20 multiple choice tests. You see and answer one question at a time until you have completed the test; each test has 25 questions. You can check your grade and see the correct answers to the test questions. You can also print out a copy of the test with the answers at the end.

Test Window

8) you can watch 22 College/General Chemistry lectures. You can also print out the lectures.

Lecture Window